You know what I hate more than anything? Being a HALF ASS.  I am a lot of things but I am not a Half Ass. What’s a half ass? It’s an attempt to do something with less than who you are.  The result is short changing yourself and the rest of the world. The results […]

The Untouchables

The Untouchables. A great TV series that aired in 1959 and re-created in 1987. A great story of struggle, self importance and significance. The characters sought to stand up for what they believe in the face of uncertainty and danger. They didn’t take the time to understand each other, therefore fear and rejection ensued. Yea, […]

Doing What Is Hard by 6×6 Success!

“The right thing to do and the hard thing to do are usually the same!” – Steve Maraboli Happy Saturday and check out this week’s episode with our new program, Two Minutes to Success! Find out more this week on Doing What is Hard! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and go here to […]


We gauge everything by a percentage or a way of estimating how much space is taken up. Space in a computer (RAM), space in a room. Anywhere there is limitations. What space or percentage have you given to your brain to worry, doubt, fear, forgiveness or not forgiving? 70%? 85%? THINK for a moment. What […]


Man isn’t money, things, career or social position.  As far as I know, he/she is a heart. Travel around the world and stop at every village, state, country or town and you will find that it’s the intangibles that people are thirsting for. Love, acceptance, self confidence, praise and peace. Adam and Eve had no […]


My grandparents were accustom to canning. They would can fresh beans, apple sauce, tomatoes and many other things from their garden. But the best thing they canned was strawberry preserves. I loved it on bread, ice cream and short cake. They canned food to preserve their financial resources and accomplished a great deal in life. […]


NO. Can you say NO?  It’s a little word that can lift you to new levels of physical health and emotional well being.  When I was in my 20’s I had a hard time saying this word.  My mother would say, “David, I am sorry you have a tendency to be too kind. You got […]