What’s your thing?  What is it that you desire to do or become? That THING that’s been stirring in you like a hurricane stirs the sea, was given to you by the ONE who makes all things possible. Now, stop. I know what your thinking. Your thinking BUTT. Your butt will always be the voice of […]

People Pleasin’

You can’t please everyone. Ever hear that saying?  I have. Pleasing someone or a few people is possible. Pleasing everyone? Impossible. Why?  Because each of us has insecurities, hurts, emotions that have been wounded, fears, doubts, fear of rejection and self-consciousness. Everyone also has confidence, strengths, talents, uniqueness and a need to be accepted. Complicated […]


Have you ever been afraid or doubted something would come true? Especially if your own efforts weren’t involved? Fear has many faces and it shows itself through our pride and self sufficiency. In the garden of Eden, Eve was deceived into thinking that God didn’t really care about her and she could feasibly take care […]


I am not trying to be grotesque or morbid, but you can’t revive a corpse by giving it CPR. Stay with me. When you try to re-live the past or allow your mind to wander (you always have control over what you think or expose yourself to) it’s like giving CPR to a corpse. Our […]


In the past I have written a lot about fear.  Fear is the enemy.  Not your spouse, your bills, your children or your career.  Fear is the enemy.  It’s faith twisted and reversed. It steals your POWER for living. In recent days I have been fighting an enormous fear. Fear of not being enough for…