In the past I have written a lot about fear.  Fear is the enemy.  Not your spouse, your bills, your children or your career.  Fear is the enemy.  It’s faith twisted and reversed.

It steals your POWER for living.

In recent days I have been fighting an enormous fear. Fear of not being enough for my wife, my children.  Fear, when I put every ounce of energy, time and heart into my business and an obstacle stops me in my tracks.

Fear makes fools of us all.  It can create silly arguments that spin out of control.

It can cause (and does) Cancer, Ulcers and many other physical ailments.

I don’t like being away from my wife and kids for too long. Recently she went to visit family.  I was unable to go, due to work.

This troubled me greatly. The pain was terrible. I began to doubt myself and…

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