What is the biggest lie of all time?  Can you guess? I’ll give you a hint; It makes you a prisoner of fear. It destroys your dreams and crushes your hopes.

It makes a fool of you and fools of those who know you. It effects the wealthy and the poor; the brave and the coward. It is humiliating, deceitful, degrading and downright cruel.


Still wondering?  Its called THE LIE OF LIMITS.

THE LIE OF LIMITS infects everyone at different times in life, and it feeds on fear.

Look around you, where ever you are right now.  What do you see? A home you think you can’t remodel?

An empty babies room that you and your spouse are attempting to fill.

A space on the wall where you want to hang your college diploma.

(when you finish college that is.)

A dead end job that is creating a DEAD END LIFE.

What do you see as your LIMITS?  Everyone has them, but nearly everyone refuses to admit they have them. WHY? Because of fear. They are afraid that someone will reject them, or accept their amazing abilities, committing them to a life of success and power.

Fears come in all shapes and sizes.

How do you identify the lie of limits? It hides behind popular cliches. Perhaps you’ve heard someone say them? 😉

“I’m all right.  I’m doing pretty good, It pays the bills!  Ill make it today.  Well, at least I’m vertical! Money doesn’t grow on trees! Don’t expect too much from life, you’ll be disappointed.”

**Did you know that even Christians, people that know God’s power, actually say repeat these cliches’ and pronounce them as true?** for shame

LIMITS are what we believe to be true because we are afraid of trying again or taking that LEAP of faith. 🙂

Tell me reader, what would happen IF you did seek another job? Start a new career or finish school?

Here is something you need to memorize.

“There are no failures, only results.”

Failing is just a result that you aren’t satisfied with. What do you do if something doesn’t work out the way you planned?
Try again!

If a child falls in their first attempt to walk, what does the parent say? TRY AGAIN!

What happens if they fall a second time? TRY AGAIN!

It’s no wonder most people on the planet walk!
PSST..? The more you try, the more you learn. The more you learn the more your assured of success.

Lies have the power to create fear ONLY when we believe them to be true.

You have no limits other than what you place on yourself.

Want to know the secret of how a baby learns to walk? Each time they get up and try again, CONFIDENCE is established.
Perfect practice makes perfect. 🙂baby.jpg

The toddler was never taught that he or she has limits. Therefore, they know no limits!

Who lied to you? Who discouraged you in your life? Forget them. Its on YOU now.

YOU are the one who is still believing that your LIMITED!


One last example.

In John 5:8, Jesus met a crippled man. He was waiting by waters that contained the power to heal the human body. His excuse was that no one would help him get to the healing pool.

Jesus knew that no one would help him; so with authority and great compassion, Jesus said,  “Get up, pick up your mat, and walk.” Immediately the man was made well, and he picked up his mat and began to walk.  John 5:8


NO one to help you? Have you Asked for help? Many times we don’t receive help because we refuse to ask. Jesus, who knows ALL THINGS knew the man’s fears and his experience with rejection.

But He also knew the POWER the man possessed within him to activate his faith and CRUSH the lie of his limitations!


TODAY look at your limits (the lie) head on and say to yourself RISE UP AND WALK!

REWRITE your statute of limitations! March right back to where you left your dream & PICK UP where you left OFF!

There’s still time.

Make that phone call, write that email, bravely walk up to that boss and give your 2 week notice! YOU HAVE THE POWER.

Take up your bed and walk.






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