SO, YOU WALKED away from the pain of your job, relationships, or that addiction. Good! But where are you going? What is your next destination? Sure, I know its scary and exciting all at the same time.

But you did walk away.  That took courage and hitting a threshold of pain.  Where do you think that bravery came from?  INTENSITY
Look back.  You were brave enough to end something , so don’t you doubt yourself now.

Be INTENSE about your future.

REFLECT on what caused you so much pain in the first place.  NAME YOUR PAIN!

“OH I was just tired ” isn’t going to launch you into a new world of success and fulfillment.  In fact it may drag you  back to that miserable life you just left!

Example:  That job totally burned me out. It almost killed me. I hated every waking hour. or, I couldn’t stand him. He was a waste of good oxygen. I am so glad I made that decision.

What is your goal now that you left  that job or relationship?

The pain was so BIG it forced you to make a change ; now make a goal of passion that is even BIGGER. passion_rules1.jpg

One so big that it will squash  that pain like it was a bug!

What are you HOPING FOR? ? You made the change , now increase your expectations for the future! Make list of expectations of what your new life will look like!

***Now that you’ve named your pain (be descriptive) name your passion!

To become the greatest musician the world has ever seen;

To own my own restaurant;

To earn 50,000 a month with my online business;

THINK BIG, not small.

Your pain was why not your passion!

Well, I got a new job that pays 2.00 more an hour.

Well, at least this man doesn’t beat me all time.

What is your… WELL?

Don’t be an E’ORE! eore.jpg

Life is full of Pronouns and we intertwine them in everything we say.  “I AM is different than AM I? Can I or I CAN!  Beliefs are built or destroyed by the simplest of words.


As intense as the pain was of leaving , be sure to make the passion of your new life worth pursuing!! If you don;t you may just slip back into the pit!

Make your transition a transformation!

Live with Power!




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