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“The longest journey is the journey inward.”
Dag Hammarsk Jold

( This blog post is an excerpt from my book, 24 Hour PowerCreation One Publishing,  copyright 2017 ) Watch for it this year on Amazon, Kindle and at your local book stores.

Whatever you want in life will take some time and self examination.
A baby bird needs to come to the realization that its time break out of the shell and move. We are no different. What shell is keeping you from experiencing your passion and purpose?
A job? Perhaps a relationship? What ever it is you created it. It’s your bird in a shell.

The baby bird analogy is my favorite, because it contains so many lessons.

Here’s just a few in a nutshell;
When a bird forms inside a shell, its a protective covering from the elements, enemies and the outside world. The bird is simply not ready yet so it remains in its warm, secure home. But growth happens rapidly and soon the bird outgrows its shell.
Growth is continuous and has a way of changing the environments we create.
Just because we build something doesn’t mean that its done. Life is a series of seasons and… seasons change.

NOW let’s cut the fat…
What protective shell have you created that is now holding you prisoner? Has it served its purpose?
Then you must break free or die.
No doubt about it…your obstacle? The one you are struggling with?


Don’t forget the bird was alone inside its own shell. Oh it has the potential to fly and it knows it!  But the protective shell? Its now a death trap.

If it chooses to stay inside the shell, it would be its own fault.

No one else to blame.

**Not the government, your spouse, children, boss, the internet, the clerk at the store, world pollution, the NYSE,  your lack of sleep or being late for work because of the traffic that you KNOW is going to be there every morningP.S. I’m no longer talking about the baby bird. 😉

Taking time to play that sort of  blame game / shell game is very dangerous.

Precious time is lost forever, and death is immanent.

By the way…
The word immanent means to remain within.
What’s happened to your passion? Have you lost the vision simply because you won’t break that shell of familiarity?  I know its dark inside and hope is not always there, but consider the pain of LIVING in that crowded dark shell for the rest of your life!
It’s no wonder the Bible says,

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keeps the law, happy is he.” Proverbs 29:18


The baby bird can’t see her vision (potential)  if she is going to just sit INSIDE the shell and neither can YOU!

The law of life is clear:  ” If I don’t break through this shell, I will die.” 

You want to be happy?  Keep the law of life. It’s how God created life and if you don’t take it seriously it will kill you. 
Are you feeling the pangs of death because of the shell you’ve built around you? Has it lost its vitality and purpose?  Don’t allow your obstacle (you) to steal your gift of life!

It’s your 24 hours
You are your own obstacle.  95% of the time is you who are the obstacle. You are the one holding you back or pushing you forward.

Don’t be afraid. Fear is normal but don’t allow it to hold you back;  Don’t flirt with death and don’t play the SHELL GAME.
You’ll lose every time.




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