Have you ever felt sorry for yourself?  I have…plenty of times. But I am learning something very valuable. Here it is.

Any misery or problem I am having, I created it on some level. This means I have the power to re-create.  I used to go under cover in my warm snuggie’ blankie of misery, pointing my index finger through the fabric at the OTHER PERSON. covers.jpg

You know the one who caused the problem in the first place?  But then recently I noticed 3 fingers were pointing back at me.

Author and speaker, Dale Carnegie once said, “No one wins in an argument.”

We are all guilty of the cuddling the blanket of misery instead of taking a hard look at the choices we made that got us there.

It’s time to remove the blanket of misery. Come on, 1..2..3!  Is it off?    You feel a chill? Don’t go undercover again!  Consider how you got in this mess in the first place.

I can almost guarantee from personal experience that YOU contributed 50% or more to this circumstance.  If you don’t believe me pinch yourself.  See? Your alive and anyone who is alive has the power to create!

You are a co-creator with God and are responsible and accountable for everything you create with your thoughts, words and actions.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1.  What did I do to start this?  What decisions did I make or didn’t make?
  2. What new decision should I initiate tomorrow to avoid this pain?
  3. Who should I avoid or what type of person should I avoid from now on?
  4. What new choices do I need to make tomorrow?
  5. How can I re-create my life now? My attitude? An apology?

It’s really not that hard to re-create what you’ve created; except perhaps get over your EGO.  No really.  Here are a few starters that may help you crawl out from that comfortable blanket of misery.

“I’m sorry I said that.”
“No, I won’t do that again.”“Yes, I am going to change what I did and make it right.”

Going undercover is hiding from yourself, not necessarily other people.  We all contribute to this world either negatively or positively. Let do a REWIND and co-create a better tomorrow together! 🙂


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