Once upon a time there lived a woman who owned acres of land and a very deep well.

The well was connected to a fresh spring that supplied her with clean life giving water.

Any time she needed it, it was available. well

This woman was the kindest, sweetest most giving person and her family, friends and neighbors knew it.
One day a drought settled in on the neighborhood. It lasted many months.

The woman had wasn’t concerned because she always taken care of her well and respected her supply of fresh water.

But this woman had one flaw. She wanted to please everyone and her family, friends and neighbors knew it.

They also had wells, but didn’t take care of them like the woman did, and it wasn’t long before their own wells ran dry.

One night, they gathered together on a hillside and discussed their problem.

“We have no water, what will we do? Said one.

“We will need to travel far to find fresh water, but the road will be rough. Said another.

Wait! We’ve forgotten about the kind woman among us.  She has a deep well full of fresh water. I’ve seen her dip her pail into it many times; even in this terrible drought!

The next day the woman’s family, friends and even some of her neighbors paid a visit.

One by one the people told her their sad story. The woman’s heart was moved with compassion.

That day she began to dip her pail into the deep well.  The people smiled as they took her water, but most of them walked away without even so much as a thank you.

When the last person took her last pail full of water, the tired woman looked down into her well.  Much to her surprise it was empty.

The very next morning she hurried down to the spring that fed her well to inspect it.

The spring that was so full and beautiful had dried up because of the severe drought that had lasted so long.

Panic filled her heart. Had she been to kind and giving to her family, friends and neighbors?  They didn’t even say thank you! She thought.

Quickly, she began to knock on all the doors of those whom she had given her most precious water.

Much to her surprise, not one person opened their door to greet her.  Some who were outside saw her coming and entered their homes without hesitation.

The woman, realizing she gave too much of herself, went home weeping and praying for the rains to come and end the drought.

As the woman got up from her knees and wiped her tears, God spoke to herLady at the well heart.

“My child, you are very kind. I too was kind when I visited Earth and gave to many.  But you are not Me.  You have limits. Respect them.  I will send rain early for YOU, not the others.  I love you.”


Have you given too much to others only to be disappointed at the reactions of others?

Do you want others to be happy at the expense of your unhappiness?
RESPECT YOUR LIMITS. Say YES to YOURSELF and NO to those you know are not respecting your generosity.

RESPECTING your limits will keep your well full for a life-time of giving to yourself and others.

RESPECT YOUR LIMITS and you will become UNLIMITED! Now that’s POWER!




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