In 2012 my mother had a stroke. She died in September of 2016. Her name was Jean. I am writing this because she inspired me to embrace my God given purpose.

One afternoon me and my wife Cindy were having lunch with my mother.  I don’t remember the conversation word for word, but I do remember a bit of it. It was between my mother and my wife.

Jean – “God gave me a word for my life and I don’t think many people appreciate it.”

Cindy – “That’s because it was given to you Jean. It wasn’t given to them.”

Cindy made my mother so happy that day., and me too.

When God gives you an assignment, a word or any other revelation it is uniquely yours. Adam and God

I was given the ability to act on stage, to direct, and write. Some have understood it while others have not.

I was given a unique book to write called, 24 Hour Power.  Some people in my life do not understand nor appreciate the time and monumental effort and sacrifice it is taking me to complete this assignment.

They may think it selfish, or just be uncomfortable that it doesn’t revolve around them. But I won’t give it up..

Remember, it wasn’t given to them; it was given to ME. 🙂

Let me tell you something.  When God gives you something to do, a passion or drive that gift lives and breathes inside you. Its as alive as your heart, liver and blood flow.


Its the reason you were born.

What do you have that God has given you?  A talent? An ability? What ever it is pursue it. If you don’t it will pursue you, and if you continue to ignore it you will regret it in this life and eternity.

Remember, It wasn’t given to them; it was given to YOU. 🙂





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