Life is an amazing adventure. It’s also a bit confusing at times. Today, I drove around familiar territories. Places of my youth and young adulthood.

As I reflected on my life I shared it with God.
“Lord, this is where I climbed the fence to go skateboarding.  I walked through those woods with my friend.  I went ice fishing, remember?”

God likes it when you talk to him. 🙂  gods-finger

I realized I cannot go back. I can never rewind the clock and be that age or experience that event in the same way again.
I was amazed. The years are gone, but the memories seem like yesterday!

Arriving home, I realized something else.  Even if its impossible to “go back in time” I do have the POWER to start over today.

I have the POWER to begin a BRAND NEW LIFE TODAY! words

Everything I experienced in my past has benefited me in some way.
Good memories are easy  to embrace. Failures aren’t as easy. But failures are just learning curves on the road to learning something new.

It’s time to forgive myself and reflect on what I’ve learned.
LAMENTING over my past instead of embracing my unique life experiences is a trap.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What did I learn five years ago that I will never do again?
  2. What did I learn five years ago that I will do more often?
  3. How did I benefit from that relationship? What did I gain?
  4. What did I lose and I am so grateful I lost it forever?

These questions will help you reflect.
Think up some more questions. 🙂

Reflect on all you’ve GAINED and LOST.

These are the golden moments that have molded and shaped you into the beautiful person you are today. 🙂


Want to know more about the POWER you possess?  CLICK HERE for my book. 🙂



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