Silly Goose!

Have you ever seen a Canadian Goose cross the street?  In my travels I often see this phenomenon.
You are in a hurry to get something done “real quick” and you see a family of geese crossing at their leisure.

Have you witnessed this?

The nerve! How dare they! It’s as if they are entitled.  Actually they are. God created them as a lesson for us, but allow me to continue..

They don’t feel the need to impress someone or proving their worth to others. They know their Creator doesn’t make mistakes. They know their divine design and carry it through very elegantly each day.

When you and I were born we were naked. We were innocent and free.

Then for some reason we got our eyes and ears off our Creator and started believing the lie that were not enough or loved IF we didn’t conform to the thoughts and expectations of our family or society.  We covered our nakedness with shame.

“I’ll do what you ask only please accept me!”  So we wear the right clothes, perform the right sort of intimate acts with our spouse as the world deems acceptable, read the right books, watch the right shows, etc.
Can you think of anything else?

Don’t be a silly Goose!

sill goose

You are and always will be SIGNIFICANT!  Don’t worry about becoming important. Importance is for people who are scared to cross the street like they OWN it!

People are impatient, silly geese who’s thoughts and B.S. (belief systems) are constantly changing like an Autumn wind.

So how do you NOT conform and cross your OWN street? How do you ignore the ones who are honking their horns at you, hoping you will relent and change your pace?

Here you go!


The world has NOTHING on YOU!

Christ the Lord and Savior of the World has a plan for you and it is 24/7!

Each day we are bombarded with the opinions of others. Those who say we should do this or that in order to be happy, successful and fulfilled.
Here are just a few Silly Goose Beliefs…

“A real man has a family or a great career by age 30.”

“He who has the most toys wins!”

“Before you get married, sleep with a lot of men or women so you won’t make a mistake.” Whaaat!!!??

It’s like being riddled’ with bullets to the mind.

Last thing? This verse will help you avoid getting caught in the WWW (World Wide Webbing) that we live in.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.  Romans 12:2

God designed you to be unique.  🙂  Your not just another goose!



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