My grandparents were accustom to canning. They would can fresh beans, apple sauce, tomatoes and many other things from their garden. But the best thing they canned was strawberry preserves.

I loved it on bread, ice cream and short cake. They canned food to preserve their financial resources and accomplished a great deal in life.

Preserving perishable items is a smart thing to do, but preserving your life is wise.

For example; say your writing a book and you need a good photographer to take a photo of you for the back or front of the cover.  You’ve invested years of  time and energy into this project and believe in it strongly. It’s your heart on paper.

Why wouldn’t you invest a few hundred dollars with a good photographer?

INvesting in yourself is the HIGHEST form of complement you can give your Creator.

Just as the rich flavor of preserves only last for so long in a jar, so your youth, creativity and vigor only last for so long in your body. 

One day you will report your discoveries to GOD and hand over your borrowed talents and abilities. What will you offer Him on that day?
Will it be the BEST you could do or will it be just so so, medium effort at best.

YOU have POWER inside you that only you can use to preserve LIFE here on Earth and only for a very SHORT time. People need your BEST, even those you will never know.



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