dressd to impress.jpgPRETENSE, PROCLAMATION, POISE!  Preposterous!  Have you ever dressed to impress? Yes, the world demands (although they would never admit it) you dress for the best look, the most attention & the greatest complements, for the proper occasion.

When Adam and Eve where created by God, they were in their Birthday suits.

But Oh my, What splendor! What a royal pure outfit. One of special beauty, charm rare and appealing excellence. They weren’t dressed to impress, ego centered or insecure..

They wore the GLORY OF GOD.

Today we dress to feel better about ourselves. Is that a crime you ask? No.

Being an actor and artist I too appreciate fine clothes. But it’s the result of living in a fallen world; a place that once radiated God’s glory.  Every cell of Adam and Eve’s being was pure, magnificent and untouched…and they knew it.

Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.  Genesis 2:25

You were specifically created for one purpose. For the same reason Adam and Eve were created; to shine for God so everyone who isn’t wearing God’s mantel of glory, can see His brilliant design.

Next time you put on your suit, dress or tennis outfit to impress others or to feel good about yourself, consider what your wearing underneath those common threads woven by man.
Have you put on God’s Glory today? Stop before you exit into the world and spend some quality time with your creator. You can learn all about you and him by reading his word. 😉

P.S. I watched this video today.  I love how Hans Christian Anderson wrote his stories.  This story is filled with wisdom and just a hint of sarcasm. I am sure that you will learn much. I did.

Watch this video and you may be able to see yourself in the looking glass.


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