WHY DO PEOPLE (MAYBE YOU) settle for 2nd best?  Is it because they think so lowly of themselves that they are afraid of voicing their true desires? taped.jpg

Ouch! That hurt even me. 😉

Desires are what makes you…YOU. Denying yourself then, is a crime.  Now I am not justifying hurting others in the process of satisfying your desires. That only damages the 3 relationships in your life. God, Others and You.

Get this in your head and let it trickle down into your heart today…Don’t settle for 2nd best when you can settle for best. 😉


If God gave you the BEST why would you turn away?

Fear is most often the reason.   Besides isn’t it true that we do a horrible job of satisfying our ourselves?


“I’ll smoke for my nerves.  My spouse isn’t giving me what I desire, so I’ll look at porn or get attention from someone else.  A drink now and then calms me down. I ‘m angry. I’ll beat my kids.”

Don’t be an ASS donkey.jpg

**Oh..Did you notice that each quote I wrote has ME or I in it?

Each time you settle for 2nd best you are ALONE.  Eve was alone with the snake in the Garden of Eden when she disobeyed.  It’s dangerous to be alone with your desires. Desires are a blessing when you SHARE them with God or those you love.  That’s how God designed YOU. 🙂

Okay, here’s the question I know that you’ve been chomping at the bit about.

HOW do I effectively communicate my desires to get them met each day?

  • First write them down. Writing gives your brain a focus and increases your confidence that what you are penning’ will come to pass.
  • Voice your desires.

news.jpg NO one knows what your thinking***

SPEAK UP! Even if you think you sound like an ass..speak your desires. Writing confirms  your desires to YOU, but the spoken word communicates your desires to OTHERS.

Jesus agrees.

“Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.   Mark 11:23

Did you see the word FOR in the verse? This means when we SPEAK WORDS they become your servant. They work for you. WOW!

Words are POWER. God created the Earth and Universe by speaking it into being. What are you NOT speaking into being?

Don’t allow the pen to have the final SAY. say

Not speaking your true desires is the same as holding a pillow over your face until you can’t breathe.

You have a right to speak your desires and ask them to be fulfilled. So many people fail at this everyday.  Have you ever failed to speak your desires to God? Your spouse? Children? Co-workers or even that person in the mirror?
Self-esteem takes a serious nose-dive into Hell when you neglect to ask for THE BEST.

Write your desires, but speak them too.  Awaken your true desires with a loud HEEHAWWW!!  Let the world hear your BRAYING!  You are worth it. 🙂



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