Don’t allow the NOTHING to take your life.  Nothing sounds quite harmless doesn’t it?

That’s because it’s subtle. It comes in the disguise of busyness, multi-tasking, getting chores done while ignoring your passion and who you were meant to become.

NOTHING has the ability to sneak up on you like a Python. A python is a jungle snake that slowly surrounds you, coiling its massive body around yours, methodically squeezing the breath of LIFE out of you…leaving you powerless.

AM I scaring you? Sorry. I have experienced the NOTHING and that is why I can write about it. Writers..good ones write about what they know from personal experience.

If you suspect a NOTHING in your life ( could come in the form of a relationship, job, career or your health) Pay attention to your fear and don’t be too confident in your ability to “wait it out.”

DO something about…

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