You Are Not Alone

Many times I feel alone. Have you ever felt alone or misunderstood?


You are different from your family, coworkers, spouse, children and friends.

That is how it should be. 

I have experienced rejection from people I am close to simply because I am an actor, author and speaker.

Why do people react at times with  confusion or frustration because you are doing something so different?

They are afraid. Afraid that they are too may have greatness within them that they are not pursuing.

It may be they are afraid of losing touch with you. “If they become something great what will happen to me?”

Jealousy or envy ( also forms of fear) can be the reason.

Acceptance and understanding is what everyone is searching for but its different for each individual.

You may want to travel the world; they may be a home body.

You want a new career, they want a regular 9 to 5.

Experiencing someone who’s radically different can be frightening and can expose weakness, laziness and a vulnerablity that makes people uncomfortable.

They will never tell you this.

So…what to do?

Give up on who you are simply to please those around you?

Don’t do that! How do you think they got that way ??

Abandon them? If they are hindering your growth, and stopping your purpose this may be the answer.

Life’s short. You and I are dying each day. The lack of progress you made yesterday is profoundly affecting your life today.

Add days..months and years to that total and you’ll find that your dreams, hopes and yes..the essence of who you were supposed to be will be GONE.

Share your heart with those who don’t appreciate or understand your unique God design.

Weigh your days carefully and who you spend your time with. Your life is valuable too. 







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