pop  ORANGE CRUSH. As a child I loved it. As a teen I liked it  a lot. As an adult and a family man, I realized it wasn’t good for me and it could hurt and destroy those I love.

I am not talking about soda, I am speaking of getting a crush on someone. A special interest that sends you into a weird orbit as you curiously circle them with your eyes.


It’s fun to explore new territory.  When I was little I had a crush on my teacher. I didn’t know what was going on so I looked away many times, only glancing up if I had a question. Reflecting on it now, I knew she knew and she thought it was cute.

As a teenager, crushes are like cool crisp soda, dripping with flavor on a hot day.

They are new exciting and give you a feeling of being someone special as the boy or girl look into your eyes hanging on every word.

It’s a good thing. 🙂

As an adult it can be complicated. Finding someone without too much baggage (like you and I don’t have any..come on now!) oh..and  JUST like you. WAIT! Not like you.
Finding someone that has similar interests and a personality  that is cohesive with yours. MUCH BETTER>>> 🙂

**As a married man or woman crushes will CRUSH you into a fine powder.

This type of crush is directly from the enemy of your soul, still cleverly disguised the same cool, crisp soda, dripping with new flavor on a hot day.

It will come on a day when the enemy knows you will be vulnerable to attack; a day when you feel misunderstood or not cherished by your husband or wife.

That someone will tantalize your taste buds with a glance, a word or a smile coming directly from their eyes to yours. Similarities will bounce back and forth, feeding that feeling that whispers…they think I am special.

In less than 5 minutes you find yourself splashing in a new bottle of refreshment. It feels wrong..but it tastes good.
**Don’t be too confident about age, race, or creed, etc. Satan doesn’t care HOW you fall..just as long as you FALL.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.  John 10:10

Warning: Don’t be fooled into thinking it won’t go any further than just a few smiles and occasional giggles. Flirting is the key to opening the door to other things. Come on be honest. Are you really thinking pure honorable thoughts?

If your single..go for it. In a marriage flirting with another person takes on a whole new meaning…

It’s never innocent.

Why am I writing this today?
Because I love my wife. She’s the only cool crisp flavorful CRUSH that I cherish in my life. I don’t need any “new flavor.” Oh and she feels the same about me. God gave me a GOOD woman and I trust her with my heart.

If you are experiencing a crush and you know it’s bad timing, get a hold of your emotions.

Run to your spouse. Share with them what is going on and how you feel. Tell them.

Whoa! David, you mean be honest? That may cause a conflict in my domestic peace. Ummm..Duh! But the human being you married is made in the image of GOD and both of you are under a Holy Covenant.
WORDS are power. They can keep you in the dark or shine light into a situation, dispelling the darkness. Satan gets all his strength in the dark. If you are in the dark with him your in a mess. He can see in the dark; you can’t.

You were made to live in the light of Christ. YES! HONESTY is the way out. Its the only way out.
The Bible teaches about the woman (or man) who is adept at the art of seduction.(see proverbs 7)  They have the ability to clue into how you are feeling and when.

It’s not really that amazing.
Words can be omitted or carefully chosen, inflections can be modified but…body language? It’s a dead giveaway. You cannot manipulate it to the degree you think.

Body language actually manipulates words and tone.
Have you ever tried to “hide” you feelings but you knew you were doing a $%#@ job?
That is body language.

If you find yourself in a conflict of interests..i.e. a Crush, and you know it has the capability of destroying your marriage (both of you) STOP & PRAY. Ask God for strength. He will gently and clearly show you the way back to safe ground.

SECRET: you can’t handle it on your own.

“Can a man scoop fire into his lap without his clothes being burned?”
 Proverbs 6:27

Today’s blog entry is both exciting and ugly. Sorry, I can’t bring myself to say sin is pretty; it will kill you and everyone in your life. It only takes 1 time.

Love and Blessing to you today. 😉


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