jackJack Benny, comedian, movies star and TV legend once wrote and produced a TV skit for his show, The Jack Benny Show.  A burglar pointed a gun at Jack and threatened him with this famous line. “Your Money or Your Life!”

Jack looked at the camera and gave what actors call a “slow burn” a look at the camera that he perfected over years of performing in front of audiences. He said to the burglar..

“Let me think about it.”

It’s funny but in real life the best response you can have is..Here! Take it!

But so many times you and me…we keep our measly ol’ money, trading it for our dream.

If your in a relationship, a job or career, even in a neighborhood decide here and now to never betray your life for money or anything else for that matter.

Don’t settle. You only have so much time upon this Earth. Get away from those who are toxic. They exploit your weaknesses, run your blood pressure up and spoil your whole life. Don’t stay where your dream doesn’t exist.
What will you give for your life? What is more important than your LIFE-TIME?



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