Boo!boo Just kidding.  What is fear? Fear is the absence of trust. Where does it originate?  The fall of man. Who started it? Satan the enemy of man.

K..now you know.  So how do you stop fear?  By the words you use. NO really.  The mind of man ( that’s you and me) is filled with imagined terror each day.
It starts something like this..

“What if they’re wrong?”

“What if I can’t trust her/him in the future?”
“I wonder what HE’S thinking or doing right now?”
“She did it before, will she do it again?”

These are general scenarios, but you get the idea.  You can always identify fear because its in the form of a question. There’s never an answer..just a general question.

Fear is never a fact or a truth.

Its a question that starts in the mind and is regulated by the emotions or how we feel at any given moment.
FEAR is a bunch of F.B.S!!!!!  (faulty belief systems)

You thought FBS represented some other words..didn’t you? 🙂

But seriously..isn’t that what fear is?

Now that you know what fear is …. how do you get rid of it before it destroys your marriage, family, health, finances and most importantly…YOU from the inside out?
4 Things…. >>>facing fear

When you sense that feeling (fear is nothing more than a feeling brought on by doubt and triggers a chemical reaction in the brain called..fight or flight)

When you sense that feeling of fear….

SPEAK UP!  Kids say it. “Mommy..I ‘m afraid., Daddy check under my bed. I heard something.” fears

Adults hide it because they are either afraid to admit their afraid..(stupid) or they find that they like the feeling and that is gives them power over others to manipulate and control because they don’t want to face their own insecurities…(really stupid and dangerous)
NOW THAT’s F.B.S.!!!!!!

K..I want you to CLICK here and watch a video.  Don’t worry I ‘m not afraid..I know you’ll keep following my blog. 😉


fear is nothing

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