In November 2010 I was brutally mugged. It threw me into a fearful position and produced trauma in my neck and spine due to a severe blow to the back of my head. It affected my balance and my walking was difficult. Turning my head was a new adventure in pain.

After a few visits from a wonderful chiropractor, I was physically better, but the emotional and mental trauma took time; 5 years to be exact.  My wife Cindy helped me in these areas.

She prayed for my peace and for the dreaded dreams that invaded my sleep.

I love her so. 🙂

When bad things happen it can throw you off center.center.jpg If you find your center or balance in life off…its probably because it is.  Don’t ignore it.  We can be thrown off center by cruel words, violent acts, sickness or financial difficulties.

But hey…
It’s OKAY.  You are a work in progress.  🙂  Forgive yourself. Forgive that someone who hurt you. It helps if they acknowledge and apologize, but if they don’t, forgive them.  Don’t allow a hurt to throw you off center. Life is too short; too precious to delay healing.  Your center is your 24 hour power. What’s your center?
I can tell you mine.  God, my wife and kids and the family grew up with.

After that my acting career, coaching, fine arts, writing, and speaking.  Keeping yourself balanced is a daily challenge. Be conscious of any distractions that may give you a blow to the head.
You can do it!  You were born to succeed!

I want you to listen..really LISTEN to the words of this song.  CLICK the title below.


You can read more about my brutal assault by clicking HERE.


God Bless!



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