What is commitment and why should you commit yourself to anything?  Commitment is the ability, the power to see something through til the end.

Committing yourself to your family, your job, career or even to God is not enough to see YOU through.

Today, I am writing down my commitments along with today’s date.

You do the same.

Ask yourself, “what new standard am I going to hold myself to…

  • morally
  • financially
  • spiritually
  • physically
  • in my relationships

The moment you write these down you will start to notice patterns of behavior that need to be modified and changed.

This will not be easy.
Ask yourself this. “If I don’t change, what pain will I cause or create in myself, family?” What will my life look like 5 years from now? What passion or fulfillment will I experience if I DO change?

Be honest when setting new standards. Write them down.

Take the time NOW to do this. The longer you wait the more time you will lose…forever.




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