PASSION.  I’ve spoken about passion before, but a new light has dawned on the subject. Why are we sometimes afraid of embracing it?  Is it because it is bigger than our typical mediocre existence? Is it because we fear that success will somehow divide a cherished relationship, leaving us alone in a cold world? 

Here is my theory. It’s not because we fear failure or division, we fear success. Success is the ability to perform something amazing that separates us from the crowd.
That is sometimes very scary.

FEAR is the enemy of passion, love and acceptance.

Passion is a friend of GOD.
We all want to be accepted and that is no exception. But to accept yourself and the way GOD designed you will show you who you are.

Then all of the sudden, people like yourself, with the same passion and ardor for your expertise and skill will embrace you. It will be like going home.

How do you feel now? If your not pursuing your passion, Ipassion almost can guarantee you feel like gum on the bottom of a shoe, a backed up sink with no channel to flow your talents through. Have you ever met someone who is passionate about what they do?
They have a light in their eye, a walk of confidence and a glow in their face can be very charismatic. There is no fear, only peace. Success seems to follow them.

Advice? Learn from them!  Ask them how they got that way and begin to search your own heart for the treasure that God allowed you to borrow for a time. In time you won’t be afraid. Fear of success is based upon a lie when it comes to embracing your passion.

Today I urge you to Step UP and tell the world or me..who you are. 🙂



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