You tell me. If you want to pursue your Passion, you must have skills.
Skill is an ability to gain knowledge and apply it confidently and consistently to gain a result. 

First name your passion. What is it? Write it down. Don’t wait until you feel like it.


Because waiting on your feelings opens the door to fear and fear is immobilizing. It brings doubt and frustration; the two most deadly emotions known to man.

***Walking gives a person the confidence to run.Thinking about running will never win a race.

SO write your passion.

Note: Passion alone will not carry you to your finish line. Passion is an intense desire to DO something. But passion needs skill for you to become all you are destined to become.

Remember this formula.  SKILL + KNOWLEDGE = ABILITY.

skills 3 But wait! Let’s not forget what skill needs!

Just as passion needs skill to propel it (you) forward, so skill needs a habitation or a place to grow. I am talking about HABITS


Many people have passion (desire) but without knowledge(what,why) or skill (how) will stay in the head, resulting in an inflated EGO, which if too big will cause you to fall.

Combine passion, knowledge and skill >>>>>

and it forms a HABIT.
HABIT is where consistency and confidence live.

So now you know. You ( as I am) are held accountable for what we do with our passion today. We have knowledge!  What are you going to do with it?

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