You want your dreams?  How bad? Does it ache inside you? How much?

Doesn’t matter your age, race or even your economic status.  YOU are YOUR DREAM!
NO ONE else was assigned to fulfill your dream except YOU.

People were predestined to help you..but you are the one who must HIT YOUR HIGH!

Who gave you the dream?
GOD.  Here’s a couple of verses that will break it down for you.

My Strength.jpg
What does this mean?   Look   look at the words ALL THINGS. 


Now add STRENGTHENS  muscle.jpg

Here’s the other verse I promised YOU. vine

This verse gives you the KEY to DOING ALL THINGS. Without Christ you and I can

DO NOTHING. With Him we can DO ALL THINGS. large vs small

WANT 24 HOUR POWER?  Then I enCourage you to strike a balance between this world and eternity.

Want to to HIT YOUR HIGH today?  First take time to PRAY.



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