phillipians.png THIS IS possibly the MOST significant blog entry I have ever written to you. WORDS are power tools that create our lives. Every moment, you and I are either thinking or saying what we think; words.

Words attach themselves to emotions and can influence our feelings and ultimately our actions.  Action is what changes the landscape of our lives.

Here’s a few list of commonly used words that 95% of the population speaks.  See if there are a few of your favorites. 😉 ( I broke them down in 2 catagories, negative and positive)


Pissed, dum, stupid, loser, junk, foolish, impatient, ugly, violence, pain, inconvienent, spoiled, debt.


Love, beautiful, confident, smart, kindness, gentle, faithful, fruitful, patient, sweet, amazing, triumphant, excellent, achieving, peak, manageable, exciting, sexy, peace, winner, blessed.

Did you say them aloud? How did you feel when you spoke a negative word?

What e-motion did it ignite inside you?

Think about a word from the positive catagory. Speak it. What e-motion did it ignite? What memory did it bring back?

Experience in a safe way right now how words ignite emotion.

Go on a mental diet of deleting the poisonous, Asp-like words that have made your day, your month or the last ten years a Hell on Earth. You know the words I am talking about. I too have had to monitor my words. I monitor them because I want all the Good God has for me, not all the bad Satan wants me to have.

“People need words that partner with how they want to feel or move.  Words possess emotion and e-motions move you to action. They establish beliefs.” David Thompson 

Allow me to help you today. Answer these questions:

  • What are you going to focus on?
  • What does that focus mean to you? 
  • What are you going to do with what you focus on and what it mean?


Make these questions an everyday 24 hour power habit. Write them down on a 3 x5 card.  Place one in your car, your bathroom or kitchen. These answers will give you the POWER over your words. You will develop a powerful vocabulary and leave those poisonous words, those expressions that are killing your health & the 3 relationships that we all share. God, others and yourself. 

I want you do something else too.  I want you to CLICK here and buy a powerful little book called The 7 Day Mental Diet.  I invite you to buy my book 7 Keys to Prosperity.( CLICK )

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