Rest is important. Relaxation is vital. But don’t stop. Stopping inhibits the flow of the progress your making. What happens then? You must start all over again.

Why? As you change a habit your brain physically changes. The folds that you see in a brain MRI? They represent your habit or rituals. Those folds’ or wrinkles in your brain took time to form, just like the Grand Canyon took time as the river carved’ out what you and I see today.

Giving yourself time to alter a habit allows your brain to understand what you are doing.

In other words, you and your brain are learning to love yourself all over again.

If you haven’t exercised in a long time, take time to re-introduce your brain and body to an exercise regiment. When my mother was alive she was in physcial therapy because of a stroke. She was one of the bravest ladies I have ever known.

She rested inbetween but she took time, working with the therapist. She didn’t stop.

Don’t wait until something critical happens to make a change. Pray for wisdom and inquire in specific people to help you start right,what ever you intend to change in your life.

Start now but don’t stop.



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