Nature teaches us many lessons if we take the time to observe. When a baby bird breaks out of its shell, the fight is vital to its future. The consistent pecking and breaking the pieces of the egg is actually designed to strengthen the bird’s neck, shoulders and wings, preparing it for flight. 

If it didn’t have this opportunity, it would soon die after seeing the light of day. Obstacles are in front of you not to harm you, but to make you stronger so you may face the tough times and do it with your own God given creativity. 

Answer these questions with me.

  1. If I conquer this obstacle I could _________________________.
  2. Conquering this obstacle is really an opportunity to grow my __________________________.
  3. Ignoring the obstacle would make my future harder because _______________________.

Write your answers down and post this where you can see it every morning an evening. Your answers will change as you grow. Remember, each time you face an obstacle you bring it into your sight lines. Conquering it increases hope and confidence. Don’t ignore the obstacles, they are a significant growth hormone of your dreams.  




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