PASSION IS defined by answering. 

Everything in life begins and ends with a question, doesn’t it? What do you think?

Answer the following questions. passion
 What am I passionate about?
 What do I want in life?
 What is it I desire more than life itself?
 What do I hate in my life?
 What do I want to eliminate in my life?
 What can I small changes can I make now in creating the life I want?
In this chapter I will show you how to uncover your passions. Passion is that strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything such as a passion for music or your significant other. Passion means different things for different people but the definition remains the same.
Do you want a passionate marriage with children
that adore and respect you? Do you want wealth
with the knowledge to back it up? What legacy
do you want to leave the world or your family?
How about a fleet of sports cars or the ability to
travel the world? Perhaps you want to dedicate
your life to helping starving children in Ethiopia
or contribute to man kind in a unique and special
way with the talents God has given you.

So what is your passion? What did you done recently to ignite it? Is it on the shelf looking pretty? Dust it off and take action TODAY!!!


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