FAITH is NOW, present tense. Feeling are not. Feelings or emotions are different because they are based upon many things. Faith is based upon the Bible and what Christ did for us 2000 years ago.

Feelings or emotions can influence your future, and not always for the good. Fear, doubt, low self esteem, ego, self sufficiency, anger, jealousy or envy can cause us to make rash decisions. Your emotions can also change because of hormonal changes, diet or lack of exercise.

Take hope and faith. Faith says, “It’s mine-I have it now!”

Hope says, “I’ll get it sometime.”

Feelings are based upon past experiences; Faith is based upon God’s unchanging word.

For example, if you are nervous about finances,  don’t look to your own efforts. God knows your future, we can only speculate. Look at Malachi 3:1o for a moment.

310.jpgIt’s our human failing to want to hold onto our lives; to take control of things when things appear to be going the wrong way.

When we look at our own efforts we fail. Looking to God for his daily provision will bring peace and strength.

If your tired or weary from trying so hard, STOP. Read the above scripture until peace enters your mind. Bind the words to your mind and heart.


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