Placeholder Image What do you learn YESTERDAY that you can apply to your life today? Isn’t it the knowledge you attained? If you didn’t learn anything new yesterday don’t let that stop you. Today you can start brand new. By consciously focusing and applying your spiritual, mental and physical energy, you can learn anything you desire.


  • DON’T mindlessly cruise the internet allowing your brain to surf. Your brain was designed to accomplish GREAT things.
  • DO challenge yourself. Challenges build confidence and empower you to achieve.
  • DON’T neglect your relationship with GOD or others. Give attention to those in your life that make you wealthier in spirit.
  • DO exercise your body. You live in a body so take care of it. Watch your alkaline/acid balance. Walking, running or riding a bicycle for even 30 minutes will electrically charge your mind and stabilize your metabolism.
  • DON’T work yourself to the bone for money. Money is temporal and can be replaced. Your life-time can never be duplicated. Not in years, months or minutes.

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