success-is-uncomfortable  I admit it. I am very uncomfortable about many things. My body, the state I live in and other things. I am uncomfortable. What are you uncomfortable about? 

Do you want to know what is great about being uncomfortable? blowNo really.

In fact it’s so phenomenal that it will blow your mind. You ready? Here it is.


Whoa, Right? Think about it. When your cold you immediately put on a coat or get under a blanket. When your hot you seek a shade tree or an air conditioner. Whenever you feel pain (discomfort) you seek passion or pleasure. Are you uncomfortable with your family, job or career? How about your body?  What are you doing about it?
Reality check>>>>check The more you tolerate being uncomfortable, the more pain you will experience!  DUH! Here are some of the words that people use to describe the pain of NOT changing. Be aware they are eNcryptEd so it may take some thought…(just kidding)
I ‘m fine.

Have a good one..

It’s a Monday

Money doesn’t grow on trees!

It’s a living..

I’m tired..

Don’t get your hopes up!

Got to do what you got to do..

These are the cliches’ of people who have become content with their pain instead of embracing it. The more you embrace your pain (like hugging a porcupine) the quicker you will find a solution and thus..achieve success.

So what are you uncomfortable about? ADMIT it, then CHANGE IT.

One more thing..

Is changing going to be more uncomfortable than what your putting up with now? Are you uncomfortable about losing your friends or family because a change means they won’t like you anymore? GET A CLUE!  LIVE YOUR LIFE..not theirs. 
Remember, you created your own discomfort. Start re-creating something NEW today!




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