Upset? Unsure? Uncertain? Stressed? Nervous? Excited? Depressed? Angry? These are all forms of fear. They may sound different and socially acceptable but they are in reality FEAR.

People don’t like to talk or admit they are afraid because they are afraid that people won’t accept them; they won’t be enough. This is a vicious cycle that can end you.

Don’t be afraid, I am trying to tell you that it’s okay to be afraid, and to admit it. In fact there is POWER in admitting your fears. By admitting your expose them for what they really are…A LIE.

How many times have you feared something that never came true?  I have , many times. Your imagination can be a great source of fear. I am not speaking of the creatively alive imagination.

Fear lives and breeds inside our insecurities. It feeds on our perceived failures. Once exposed to the light, it can no longer survive. How do you expose it? ADMIT YOUR FEARS.

In addition to my blog today, click on this link.   Overcome Your Fears

The Bible tells instructs us not to fear 365 times.

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