HOW do you wake up? Do you just open your eyes or do you bound out of bed and challenge the day exclaiming.. “World Watch Out! I am UP!energy-people

Today for some reason that was me. I realized that today was a gift from God to accomplish, achieve and contribute to myself and others.
Have you ever started the day with that thought? What happened? Did it leave you by the time you got in your car or entered your work?
Ideas and inspirations MUST be girded with faith. The next time you start your day with such hope say aloud “This is how I choose to be today and nothing will stop or hinder my faith.”
Your brain runs on words just like your body does on food. Words feed your brain messages. Those messages create the day you are going to experience; especially in the A.M.

So…when you read this blog of mine, determine that you are going to WAKE UP WITH A START tomorrow.

I am looking forward to announcing my book release…

24 HOUR POWER (keep a close watch on this blog!)

JANUARY 27TH, 2017 2:30PM Tune in to WIGNTV. I will be the guest. You will learn more about my book, 7 Keys to Prosperity and my upcoming 24 HOUR POWER.

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