In Matthew 4:16-20, Jesus calls out to Simon and Andrew, two commercial fishermen to come follow him. Now let’s take a close look at this passage.

One day as he was walking along the beach beside the Lake of Galilee, he saw two brothers—Simon, also called Peter, and Andrew—out in a boat[c] fishing with a net, for they were commercial fishermen.

Jesus called out, “Come along with me and I will show you how to fish for the souls of men!”  And they left their nets at once and went with him.  Matthew 4:16-20

Simon (Peter) and Andrew; two commercial fishermen. This sounds like more than a job. They obviously were contracted by restaurants, merchants and maybe local neighbors who didn’t wouldn’t take the time to go fishing.

It’s one thing to go fishing; its quite another to be fishing for large businesses, merchants and locals. They had a lucrative career and plans for the future.

Jesus, a stranger to them walks along the beach and sees them at work. He then calls out, “Come along with me and I will show you how to fish for the souls of men!”

Question. If someone you didn’t know asked you to leave your place of business on a permanent basis to do something totally different? Something you weren’t familiar with would you do it? 

What will your spouse or children think? How about your relatives, family or friends? 

These excuses (fears)  may grip your mind, but don’t allow them to steal the purpose that God has for you.

Simon and Andrew didn’t. They not only left their careers they left nets! Fishing nets are expensive. Did they have their own boat or were they leasing it? They left everything to follow a man they didn’t know. They saw and heard the Son of God calling them into a ministry. Read the verse again.

And they left their nets at once and went with him. 

How quickly would you drop what ever your doing and follow Christ?  I am not talking about going to church on Sundays and sitting in a comfortable chair or pew for two hours; I am talking about 100 % total surrender.

Simon and Peter trusted Jesus so much, they immediately dropped what they were doing and followed Him.

What is God calling you to today? I am in the same “boat” my friend. God has been calling me into unfamiliar places, ones I am not 100 % comfortable with but I go. But each time I take a step in his direction I find opportunities that line up with who I AM!

God isn’t going to send you to a place of suffering or pain; you and I do that enough each day. He has given you talents and gifts that you all ready enjoy. Do you know what they are? Do you realize your passion and purpose? God does and he wants to show you the BEST ways to develop them for his glory and your joy.

Following Christ is the best way to get to know yourself.


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