What’s Your Passion?

24 Hour Power Book Launch 2017 Recently, my wife and I attended a performance of Phantom of the Opera. I watched intently as the story unfolded. Being an actor and author on achievement, I didn’t try to control my emotions and careful critiquing of the players.

I could see the rehearsals in my mind as I saw the movements of the actors. Being a veteran of the theater for 20 years I appreciated their work and sacrifice. They moved with grace, poise and extravagance, hitting their mark as they worked effortlessly in unison with each other.

This grace I am speaking of is a life time of study, physical pain, lack of sleep and eating Ramen noodles for dinner.

What is different about these people that is the same as you and me? What do we have in common with these talented people?

Passion and the will to carry it through.

What have you been settling for? ? What limits have you placed upon yourself because someone told you that it was impossible?  God can do the impossible and He wants to do it with you.

In my book 24 Hour Power How to Achieve Anything in 24 Hours, I will give you the steps to do the impossible.

On January 27th , 2:30pm (EST) I will be on WIGNTV. Tune in and be empowered!






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