Don’t Quit…

passion MY face had thinned and I lost 40 pounds. I had no job and was staying at my sister’s house. Six months earlier that year, I was walking the magnificent streets of Manhattan, following my passion for acting.

My brother-in-law sat with me as we watched television. I turned to him and said, I am going back to New York. He looked at me like I had grown another head. I had starved in the Big Apple, worked on the sets of  The Good Wife, Law & Order and appeared in a series of independent films in 2009.

Now six months later my family didn’t understand my passion. Your passion is something not everyone will understand. It resonates with the beat of your heart; aiding in the blood flow. Passion is alive, its not a hobby or some intense interest that you can set on the shelf.

If your not pursuing your passion, it is pursuing you and making you miserable. Like your heart beat it demands to be heard and takes no time off.  What ever your passion is, it is more committed to you than you are to it.

I went back to New York in 2010. In three weeks I was violently mugged in New Jersey and was forced to return to my home state. A year later, I went back to visit my friends and attended an actors workshop. I still love the Big Apple. Its taught me a lot about myself and the kindness that can come from people.

My passion is acting; what is yours?

CLICK HERE to read about my terrifying and amazing experience.



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