Your nervous system is responsible for how you feel at any given moment. It obediently responds to your thoughts which produce that feeling..the one your feeling now.

If you feel afraid there is a reason for that. I woke up this morning with the emotion of fear. I had some disturbing dreams that wouldn’t let me rest. I also had an interview with a television station about my book, 24 Hour Power at 3pm.

These two things registered in my brain and caused a chemical reaction  exciting  my central nervous system into taking action. But what action does fear create?

Fear turns us inward to look at all our past inadequacies, failures and short comings. Fear whispers…”Your Not Enough.”eve
Of course this is a lie. The serpent spoke this to Eve in the Garden of Eden and deceived her.

Faith is not an emotion. Its a fact. If its cold outside it is. If you are hungry, you are. You KNOW these things, they are not a feeling or an assumption. So let’s review. What are you feeling right now? What do you KNOW right now?
Now ask yourself, is what I feel and what I know two different things?
Am I prepared for today’s interview? My answer is YES I AM. Why? Because I have prepared for it. I can see myself leaving the office with a smile on my face and they like me. They can see my potential.

You see what I just did? I used my words to redirect my nervous system. I am now calm and confident because I formed a new belief about myself. Emotions aren’t designed to lead. They are only  a guide to the truth.

Notice where I said, AM I and then I AM?   AM I is a question and a door to fear. I AM is a declaration of faith. When you know the origin of your fear, you can begin your journey to faith. Fear hides in dark corners of the mind. Faith shines into those dark corners and reveals fear for what it always has been; A LIE.



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