People who possess hope influence the most change in the world. New inventions or improvements in technology are designed, cures for diseases are discovered and the lives of people are saved.

Hope is always in a fresh supply if you are open to it. Hope is one of the fruits of the Spirit. It is available to you right now. It is stronger than the most negative person you can think of because it is based upon peace. Negative people need to expend enormous amounts of energy if they are to maintain that negativity.

Hope is a characteristic of God and therefore is all-powerful.

Have you misplaced your hope? It can be found in the arena of gratitude. In my travels I have encountered homeless people, the sick and disabled, the poor as well as the very rich.

All of these people had one commonality. They were either grateful for what they had or they focused on what they didn’t have. If your focused more on what you want than what you have you will never have hope. A negative focus tends to ignore the blessings we all ready possess. It even has the power to blind you to new opportunities.

Hope is power and you can tap into this amazing God given power with an attitude of gratefulness.

What are you thankful for today? Is it the fact that you learned something new about yourself?  Did you enjoy the gift of breath today?  How about that lunch you had with your friend?  A warm hug from your brother or significant other?

Hope is closer than your breath. Breathe it in!



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