Don’t Worry BE Happy

Back in the early or late part of the 20th century…okay I’m dating myself, a song was released in 1988.

Don’t Worry Be Happy. The video starred the talented Robin Williams, Bobby McFerrin and who is that other guy? He is funny!  (watch the video)  Originally the song was song by Bob Marley. dont-worry-be-happy

The point of the song? Don’t worry, be happy. Happiness is a choice. Its not a matter of how much money you have, the number of friends that love you or even how you think of yourself (which changes every 4.5 minutes according to your diet, emotions, hormones or how you think of a past relationships)..

So here is me..the 24 Hour Power Guy.., Here to give you a day off to …

Don’t Worry and Be Happy.
Watch this video.

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