Change is Choice not Chance.

Change is good! Have you ever heard that before? Maybe from the person in the mirror? The truth is not everyone likes change. They like the change they want in life.

But what evokes change? Does it just happen like a mysterious vapor passing over your head? No, the truth is, YOU are the one in charge of changing your life.

Habits form through creating a change. A change in career, job or relationships is initiated by you. The problem with change is that it is habit forming. Let me explain. When a habit falls under the radar of your subconscious mind you will not notice it because your brain has embraced and adapted to that change.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because if you want to summon an improvement in your life, you must consciously start the ball rolling. This is your POWER. Conscious living or choosing exactly what you want each day will place you in charge of change.


You have the ability to choose. The more you exercise your conscious mind in this way, the more confidence you will achieve.

For example, starting an exercise regiment for the first time is daunting. Your muscles are retaining lactic acid and they are soft. Don’t deny it guys n gals, without mobility your body gets soft and is prone to more injuries.

But if you consciously push yourself 3 or 4 times a week, your body and mind will adapt to the change. Confidence will begin to take over as you continue to develop the skills.

Sounds great yes? Here’s the clincher. If you stop, you will lose all progress. Your body and mind will become what it was and you will lose the confidence. This is why so many people never reach their goals.
Want to become all you can be in your spirit, mind, soul and body? Choose the change you want, push through and embrace it as a habit.

God Bless!


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